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亚愽app安卓下载:西甲夏窗总结:活久见!皇马巴萨马竞三强盈利 中游队出血
名称:亚愽app安卓下载:西甲夏窗总结:活久见!皇马巴萨马竞三强盈利 中游队出血

Sports Weekly All-Media Correspondent in Spain Wu Yifan


What will happen to La Liga this season? There may be a big change, it may be the beginning of a change. At least from the perspective of the players and funds in the transfer market, it can be said to subvert the tradition. Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and Atletico, which used to spend money like water in the past, all made a profit in this transfer window. On the contrary, the mid-tier clubs, which usually tighten money, are willing to spend money in this global depression. This is naturally only a superficial phenomenon. The transfer fee of several million euros was spent, which saved several times the contract salary.


In the last few hours before the window closed, Atletico Madrid’s manager’s office was extremely busy, with sweet and bitter results. Torreira is on loan from Arsenal, with a 20 million euro buyout clause. However, bad news came from the professional league: the "Gunner" paid 50 million euros in liquidated damages and took Thomas Patty away. Half a billion is considered a good income in this famine year, but the blow to Simeone by the loss of Thomas is not only tactical, but also psychological. Thomas is a model player in Atletico Madrid with the lowest salary but the highest level of work. Such players insist on leaving the team in this way at this time, indicating that Simeone's team building work has gone wrong in the past few years. On the other hand, if Suarez is used to replace Morata, which has just been bought out, the investment will definitely be a loss, and the actual effect remains to be evaluated. This is undoubtedly another venture capital, but compared to a series of unsuccessful strikers in the past few years, it seems to be the safest choice.


Real Madrid did not buy anyone, Florentino, as always, fulfilled his promise. Cavani’s rumors shattered a week ago. Regardless of whether Zidane is high or not, whether the team needs it or not, the policy of not signing this summer has been implemented. Not only did it cost no money, Real Madrid accounted for nearly 100 million euros by handling redundant staff. This is nothing to be proud of. Because if the "hanging idle fish" can sell 100 million, you can imagine how much money was spent. Fortunately, a group of players who have already been listed for sale-Isco, Modric, Nacho, Jovic and Odriosola-have all stayed, and can play in the renovated Bernabéu in their lifetime. It is not easy to play the new season with the one-year-old "three consecutive championships" lineup. Zidane's subject must turn to how to mature the Vinicius as soon as possible.


Koman didn't wait for the memphis Depai whom he was thinking of, nor did he send Dembele, who was a hot potato. In the draw with Seville, Alva was injured. No one expected that the new aid Deste would turn into a regular so quickly. Koman’s list of signings basically failed to materialize, and the “Dutch Gang” of Barcelona only stayed in the media’s assumptions. However, after such an extremely tossing summer, and the start of the league was so high-profile, I believe that Koman and the club's top management have basically reached a tacit understanding. An obvious sign is the Ricky Pukeliu team. There are so many cheap and easy-to-use midfielders, let alone without DNA. Take a look at Rafinha, given to Paris for almost free! Is Thiago’s lesson not enough?

Koman没等他想念的孟菲斯Depai,也没有送他一个炙手可热的马铃薯Dembele。在与塞维利亚的平局中,阿尔瓦受伤。没有人期望德斯特的新援助会如此迅速地变成常规。科曼的签约名亚愽app安卓下载单基本上没有实现,巴塞罗那的“荷兰帮”只停留在媒体的假设中。然而,在经历了如此艰难的夏天之后,联赛的开局是如此引人注目,我相信科曼和俱乐部的最高管理层已经基本达成了默契。 Ricky Pukeliu团队是一个明显的迹象。有许多便宜且易于使用的中场球员,更不用说没有DNA了。看看Rafinha,几乎免费提供给巴黎! Thiago的课程不够吗?

Sevilla is the only real "bleeding" among the Champions League teams. Not counting the nearly 30 million euros to buy out Suso and Bunu, Monch also advocated investing 40 million euros in reinforcements. The reinforcement effect needs time to verify, but taking advantage of the chaos in international football, it is not the last resort to fish in the troubled waters of the Champions League. Looking at the players who have come in, except for the returning home Rakitic and the left back Acuña who filled the vacancy, everyone else, whether Rekic, Idrisi or Oscar, are young players on the rise. This is still Monkey's routine. Every penny spent today will hopefully be doubled back in the future.


Getafe is a typical mid-range team: the old lineup needs to be replaced to maintain vitality, but the turnover space is limited. So a group of young players with great potential but to be polished are on loan. Getafe was loaned to Diabi and Morejo respectively from Portugal Sports and Atletico Madrid before the window was closed. Besides, the characteristics of the competition, the wages are cheap, and these are the only things that are suitable. The other mid-lower and lower teams aiming to relegation have similar routines. The newly promoted Elche, who was only able to get 17 people in the first team before, bought and bought like crazy in the last few days. It's not that I am rich, but I will find someone to make up the number. Regardless of Mexico or Argentina, Spanish-speaking players are preferred, and you can save money to find an interpreter.


Even if the income of La Liga will definitely shrink this year, the cold winter of the epidemic will eventually pass, and the investment guarantee team is also the basis for future cost recovery. Since there is no money to spend, is there a question of not spending money? Has come. Sent away almost the entire central axis-Gare, Parejo, Ferran and Rodrigo-Valencia is truly inextricably rooted in the transfer market. New coach Gracia became the only signer, apparently shocked by the club's stingy behavior. He intends to talk to the chairman to see if there is any need to continue. Although we started playing the league with this group of "baby soldiers" bitterly, the team lost and won but did not lose the face of the club at all, but this is not the same as the promised! Strangely speaking, the media and fans are very clear about what Valencia Chairman Mersey's "budget downshift" means, and what kind of ecstasy has been poured into Gracia. I believe this boss can still satisfy the humble leads he put forward. Assistance needs?


However, Valencia is the survival instinct in the global economic adversity. Since you can't make any money this year, what money will you spend? Cut down on food and clothing, start with me!


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